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The spirit of the rivers – Calendar of religions 2020/2021

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The calendar of religions 2020/2021 contains splendid photographs that testifiy of the relationship between rivers and religious traditions in rituals and practices. It describes about fifteen traditions and provides the dates of nearly 150 festivals (religious and civil).

Colour publication (56 pages; closed: 22.5 x 33 cm; open: 45 x 33 cm) containing informative articles explaining in detail the sixteen photographs of the calendar.
ISBN: 978-2-940645-12-1
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Rivers and the sacred

The Spirit of the Rivers opens with an accessible three-page introduction presenting its main theme: the relationship between rivers and religious traditions in rituals and practices.

This year the preface is written by Erik Orsenna, author and president of Initiatives for the Future of Great Rivers (IFGR).

Next comes the calendar itself, spanning 16 months from September 2020 to December 2021.

This is followed by 16 pages dedicated to the rivers and traditions that punctuate the calendar. The articles and accompanying maps and photos offer an illustrated history of the lives of these rivers and their relationships with religious traditions.

You will thus discover the diversity of rites and symbols through which the rivers connect he faithful with the divine or the absolute they believe in. Each religion has its own symbolic and ritual relationship with the rivers, but there are several common features: a shared history; he symbolism of the source of life and the mercy of the divine; and rituals of sacrificial offering and purification.

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